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Identify all Data and Analytic Sources
Nowel Group identifies all internal and external sources of data and analytics. Data may be sourced from accounting systems, spreadsheets, market data providers, calculation procedures, etc. This process also uncovers gaps and redundancies and introduces the opportunity for cost reduction and organizational standardization.
Extract Data from All Sources
Using the powerful capabilities of WebFOCUS, Nowel Group writes the extract programs from current data sources and historical data archives. Data is assembled in an intermediate database to facilitate the specification of standard data rules that will form the basis for the on-going transform process for the final database.
Standardize Information
The standardization or transform process relies on our business knowledge and resident experts in the client organization. At this point, the data standards from all sources must be rationalized and the client’s view of data characteristics identified. There may beseveral tiers of appropriate data definitions depending on their use — management, client, regulatory, financial, etc. For example, industry code may be extracted from multiple sources that use different data providers — SIC codes, internal codes, RIC codes, etc. The client can select one through a transform process or retain all for specific reporting needs.
Populate Database
Through an iterative process, using RAD and proto-cycling, the database is populated with all historical and current data.
Reconcile Data and Tune Database
In partnership with the client, Nowel Group evaluates data for gaps, errors, misclassifications, etc. We work with the client to reconcile inventory, transaction and master file information to published information. The capabilities of WebFOCUS are critical at this point. The query, analysis and OLAP utilities of WebFOCUS that are used for reporting provide a reconciliation tool that facilitates data scrubbing and cleansing.
Replicate Selected Reports and Calculations
WebFOCUS is a comprehensive, intuitive reporting and analysis tool that supports ad hoc reporting, graphical interfaces, tree-style structures, multiple selection criteria, multiple formats, complicated calculation functions, unique data manipulation capabilities and data drills from any direction. Its OLAP allows the selection and categorization of data for simple reporting and sophisticated analysis.
The WebFOCUS Developer Studio is an open and intuitive environment that facilitates this process. WebFOCUS supports content-rich applications that include business logic.
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