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Implement Basic Relational Model with Metadata Definitions

Nowel Group begins with a standard asset management data model that includes the following types of tables:

  • Security Master File
  • All indicative data for fixed income, equities, mortgage loans and derivatives. This file allows for multiple versions of the same data element with accompanying data sources and definitions

  • Inventory File
  • This file stores historical holdings values including par, shares, cost, book market, accrued income

  • Transaction File
  • This file stores historical transactions including purchases, sales, pay-downs, income payments contributions, withdrawals

  • Cash Flow File
  • This file stores cash flow schedules for bonds with scheduled principal payments and expected dividends on equities

  • Factor File
  • This file stores historical payment factores for structured assets such as CMs, Asset-backeds, Mortgage Pass-throughs

  • Account File
  • This file stores characteristic data about an account, fund or portfolio

  • Pricing File
  • This file stores prices and spreads for each issue identifier

This is not an inclusive list and can be customized for the client. All issues are keyed by issue identifier and are maintained historically. All data elements are defined to meet the client’s requirements and data can be created and stored based on rules-based logic that conforms to the information standards of the client.

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