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Custom Application Design

The Nowel Group has a unique collaborative and partnership model that leverages investment management knowledge with technological expertise to build the optimal business intelligence solutions for your information and analytical needs. We bridge the gap between information analysis and database design.

The Nowel Group has over twenty-five years of experience managing information for asset managers. We know your business and have designed and implemented large-scale data warehouses and smaller scale data marts for investment organizations. We have developed relational data models for portfolio analysis, compliance, asset allocation, performance measurement, pricing, management reporting and risk analysis.

The Nowel Group is affiliated with Information Builders. We use several of their products to access and integrate data from any source and transform it into valuable information that can be deployed throughout your organization to support the full range of asset management functions.


WebFOCUS has a complete range of extract, load and transform (ETL) utilities that advance and accelerate the specification and identification of the full spectrum of data and analytics required to solve your business problems. We have developed a successful proto-cycling approach that allows us to deliver a solution to the client in incremental stages that facilitates implementations and deployment:

[Click on any of the above items to read a fuller description of each incremental stage.]

This iterative approach allows for full participation with the client at every step of the process while minimizing their time in the database development. We take advantage of our business knowledge combined with our database expertise and the extensive capabilities of WebFOCUS to develop, design and rapidly deploy an application.

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