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ASP Services

ACE may be accessed through The Nowel Group’s ASP services. The Nowel Group operates as an application service provider for those companies that prefer to access our GIPS Compliance Engine using standard protocols such as HTTP rather than installing the system in-house.

As a vertical market ASP, The Nowel Group specializes in providing a full spectrum of services to companies looking for a GIPS composite system that includes data transfer procedures, data updates, on-line self-service updates and maintenance, reporting, and on-going enhancements to the system. In addition, The Nowel Group contracts with the client to provide technical and service support that coincides with their time zone and reporting cycles.

Selecting ACE as an ASP significantly reduces the licensing fees and on-going maintenance costs of a system that provides all of the functionality of other systems that require an on-site installation and the continuing use of company resources.  There is a one-time installation cost and continuing quarterly maintenance fees for the system.  There may be an adjustment to fees based on the customer’s asset base or account size.

The ASP environment is a secure data repository segregated for each client with full back-up and data redundancy.  The Nowel Group also manages the entire file transfer protocol (FTP), customized to each client.  The Nowel Group owns and operates the ACE software application and maintains the serves that support the software.  All information is available via the internet through a web browser using HTML.

Choosing ACE through an ASP arrangement offers the client a number of advantages:

  • Elimination of software integration issues
  • Software costs are borne by many clients
  • Business and technical expertise is specialized and readily available
  • The system is kept up-to-date and is maintained by the designers
  • Service levels are negotiated for each client
  • IT costs are contained and predictable
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