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Performance Measurement Engine (PME)

Performance Measurement Engine (PME) is a return calculator engine that supports any return measurement. As a web-based solution, PME can be customized to the client’s business requirements, technological infrastructure and selected database design. Additionally, it interfaces directly with ACE.

PME implementation includes all data management requirements – extracts, transformations, interfaces, database updates.

PME supports any return calculation: daily, true time-weighted, modified Dietz, BAI and IRR.

PME Key Features include:

  • Custom System Components
  • Scalable Web Based Architecture
  • Selectable Calculation Methodology
  • Performance specific data correction facility
  • Multiple Return Types
  • Batch and online recalculation capability
  • Flexible Parameterized Reporting
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More PME considerations:  

PME is enhanced with:

  • Automated, historical audit logs
  • Client-defined security
  • Automatic, on-line recalculation of returns
  • Unlimited, custom data fields
  • Custom designed, graphical user interfaces
  • Managed Reporting environment
PME technological features include:
  • Web-based
  • Thin client
  • Relational single segment or hierarchical design
  • GUI interfaces
  • Smart list-boxes
  • Any database structure
  • Calculate returns using any formulae
  • Calculate returns at any user-defined level - asset class, account, indicative category such as industry, country, duration, maturity
Risk Measures:
  • Select from a library of risk measures such as Standard Deviation, Information Ratio, Tracking Error, Sharpe, Sortino, Treynor, Alpha, Beta
  • Add any other calculations
Data Management:
  • Control data maintenance, updates, corrections using PME database screens
  • Design intelligence rules to screen out operational and accounting cash flows not appropriate for total return
Batch Updates:
  • Data extract, transform and load utilities are designed to access any data source
  • All updates are controlled through an automated load process
  • Data includes all cash flows, inventory positions, indicative information
  • Update benchmark data and analytics from external sources
Custom Data Elements:
  • Supplement PME with an unlimited number of custom data fields
Centralized Database:
  • All data is organized in a central repository
Audit Log:
  • Monitor all changes with user name and time stamp
System Security:
  • Design a custom security system at any level - user, data element, account
Data Conversion:
  • Convert all historical data from any source automatically
  • Calculate missing or incomplete data from source systems


  • Automate reconciliation to published reports or data files
System Security:
  • Design a custom security system at any level - user, data element, account
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