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The Nowel Group has extensive experience in designing, customizing and implementing middle office and front office solutions.

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ACE (GIPS Compliance Engine) is the comprehensive solution for complying with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). ACE is a web-based solution that can be customized to the client's business requirements, technological infrastructure and selected database design. Find out more. . .
ASP SERVICES: ACE may be accessed through The Nowel Group’s ASP services. The Nowel Group operates as an application service provider for those companies that prefer to access our GIPS Compliance Engine using standard protocols such as HTTP rather than installing the system in-house.
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PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT ENGINE (PME) is a return calculator engine that supports any return measurement. As a web-based solution, PME can be customized to the client's business requirements, technological infrastructure and selected database design. Additionally, it interfaces directly both with ACE and with our equity attribution application.
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CUSTOM APPLICATION DESIGN: The Nowel Group has a unique collaborative and partnership model that leverages investment management knowledge with technological expertise to build optimal business intelligence solutions for your information and analytical needs. We bridge the gap between information analysis and database design.
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DATA CONVERSION CASE STUDY: The investment division of a global, multi-line insurance company with assets under management of $120 billion.
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I.B.I.S., The Investment Business Intelligence Solution system is a modular solution for performance measurement and attribution,
portfolio management, compliance, marketing
and data integrity.

The scalable, extensible and customizable investment management modules are complemented by business intelligence tools that support ETL, native data adaptors, business
activity monitors, custom dashboards with key performance indicators, sophisticated reporting and presentation graphics. 

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