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I.B.I.S.: The Investment Business Intelligence Solution

The Investment Business Intelligence Solution system is a modular solution for performance measurement and attribution, portfolio management, compliance, marketing and data integrity. The scalable, extensible and customizable investment management modules are complemented by business intelligence tools that support ETL, native data adaptors, business activity monitors, custom dashboards with key performance indicators, sophisticated reporting and presentation graphics.

This suite of functional solutions addresses the workflow, analysis and reporting requirements of asset managers on a cross-functional basis. Transformed, rules-based information is deployed on a consistent basis throughout the organization to support the investment management cycle of portfolio construction, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

IBIS can access all other internal and external data and information sources, creating a transparent view of data, information and analysis. IBIS delivers a solution that assumes customized implementation with technology designed for enterprise-level integration.

IBIS is a multi-currency, global system that supports centralized and distributed organizations with access to consolidated information or roles-based views through a variety of channels such as Web browsers, information portals and mobile devices. IBIS takes advantage of a company’s internal expertise – performance analysts, portfolio managers, compliance officers, marketing associates and senior executives can adapt IBIS to reflect their analytical requirements and reporting needs. The customizable investment modules and software tools establish a system with high performance, reliability, availability and serviceability across the entire range of applications.

The Investment Business Intelligence Solution has been designed with many key features:
  • User-customizable data model with unlimited options. IBIS integrates the customer’s proprietary codes and classification schemes.
  • Integrated decision support system for performance measurement, compliance, portfolio management, marketing and data integrity using advanced extract, transform and load tools
  • Extended transformation rules that guarantee the automatic inclusion of any late-entered or modified transaction. IBIS re-calculates all inventory and accrued income for any transaction that impacts any historical period.
  • IBIS delivers data and reports using all standard protocols – including HTML, PDF, XML, CSV, EXCEL
  • IBIS provides access to any data source with over 200 native data adaptors
  • IBIS has reporting options that include unlimited drill-down capabilities, extensive sorting and aggregating options through the self-service features, dynamic presentations using Visual Discovery, complex graphic representations
  • Specialized transformation tools for insurance companies that handle statutory, GAAP and tax data
  • Business activity monitors that notify users of events that may impact key performance metrics such as diversification and risk
  • Scheduling and calendar tools
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