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What does ACE do?

The AIMR/GIPS Compliance Engine (ACE) is a web-based, self-service application that supports all of the AIMR Performance Presentation Standards and GIPS.
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What does PME do?

The Performance Measurement Engine (PME) is a web-based, self-service application that is customized for each of our clients. The custom design of PME reflects the data structure and rules of each company while supporting all of the total return requirements for fixed income, equities, derivatives, real estate and other asset classes.

Where is The Nowel Group?

The Nowel Group is based in West Hartford, Connecticut and Glastonbury, CT.

How long has The Nowel Group been operating?

The Nowel Group was incorporated in 2001.

Who are your clients?

Our most recent clients include Hartford Investment Management Company, Columbia Management Group, Julius Baer Investment Management, BlackRock and Ashland Technology Partners.

Who works for The Nowel Group?

Gary Gerstung and Nancy Burges are the principals of The Nowel Group. We have a network of alliances we utilize as needed and partnering relationships with several other companies, including Ashland Partners.

What is involved in an ACE or PME implementation?

The Nowel Group provides implementation management for ACE and PME from data identification, extracts and transformations to conversion and integration. We supplement this process with sophisticated reporting capabilities that are customized for each client. In addition to in-house installations, ACE is offered as an ASP.

What is the length of an implementation?

Implementation time is related directly to the availability and quality of the source data as well as the historical information required.

How do your ASP services work?

The Nowel Group provides ACE on an ASP basis. We partner with the client to transform and convert data and establish FTP protocols to our server where the client has on-line, 24/7 access to the ACE application for data maintenance, updates and reporting.

Does The Nowel Group provide verification services?

The Nowel Group provides AIMR/GIPS readiness assessments and pre-verification evaluations.

What other services are available from The Nowel Group?

The Nowel Group has extensive expertise in designing custom solutions, especially for fixed income asset managers. We have implemented pricing systems, asset allocation systems, portfolio management applications, CDO/CBO databases, convertible databases, enterprise-wide data warehouses and complex compensation systems.

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